"I met and began working with Vince in January of 2006. I have come to know Vince as a driven leader more than capable of guiding any company through rough waters. He has demonstrated an ability to make the right decisions and advance a business in the right way. He is visionary and his need to be successful keeps his eye always moving forward. His ambition is contagious and tends to infect all who come in contact with him. Vince is a quality person as well as a quality leader."

Todd Gross, Partner at NgenioUSA

"Vince has an uncanny way of developing loyalty from his employees and clients because of his honesty, ethics, and positive approach in solving problems"

Chris Dieth, Owner at The Home Improvement Group, Inc.

"I have worked with Vince for over 20 years and have found Vince to be a true professional in all aspects of the word. Vince is a straight shooter and his integrity is unmated in the industry."

Tim Aden, Owner Sawhill- Custom Kitchens & Design