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Vince Hodshire


My journey began with Lilly Industrial Coatings out of Indianapolis. Lilly started making industrial coatings for horse and buggies before Henry Ford moved us all into cars. Needless to say, the horse and buggy business was not going to turn them into the leader in industrial coatings they became. I worked my way through many of the facets of coating manufacturing and became a key contributor in the development of a new kitchen cabinet specialty market segment that led to significant bottom line improvements.

Mastercraft Industries, a client, witnessed what I did at Lilly and recruited me to serve as their National Sales and Marketing Management. I held that position until being asked to take control of the organization as the President and CEO. During my time in this role I guided the company from a small  regional player to a top 10 custom cabinet manufacturer with a national presence, while Navigating the Great Recession of 2008.

After successfully navigating Mastercraft Industries through these difficult times in the industry I turned my energy to establishing a startup manufacturing representative firm in the Mid-West launching ECA based in Chicago, IL. I was able to assemble a sales and operational team that within seven years expanded from three states to fifteen, while increasing revenue of our luxury brand offerings to over 30M. Today I continue to oversee and advise the ECA team as they move into the future.

Having helped three organizations elevate their performance, I now want to take this journey down a different path. Having spent much of the last decade helping clients grow their business I discovered a passion in those opportunities.  Now it is time to take the 30 years  of management and leadership experience and share my passion with others. I have learned  the most underutilized asset in any  business is its people, and although by far the most complex component, the reward of unlocking this underutilized potential makes good companies great, and just as important, it changes culture and improves employees' lives.


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